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booshoot: It all started with bamboo...

As Founder and CEO of Booshoot Technology, Jackie Heinricher built a company leading the world in the development of a new plant micropropagation science leading innovative forestry,agriculture, and pulp invention.

Like many successful start-ups, Booshoot has its roots in humble beginnings. Ms Heinricher launched her original company in 1998, out of her garage in WA, before eventually growing Booshoot into a multimillion dollar biotechnology concern with emphasis on humanitarian non-GMO technologies.

Today in addition to managing the company, Ms Heinricher continues to spearhead visionary Intellectual Property development. She has authored numerous patents and articles for peer reviewed journals, and been featured in the Seattle Times, New Tork Times, NPR, Reader’s Digest and beyond.

For more information, visit https://www.booshootbiotech.com/


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